Month: September 2013

The system of four verb conjugations (form classes) is reduced to three in. The infinitives with the endings RE, RE, and RE become infinitives in ar, er, and ir respectively. Facere hacer, dicere decir). The commercial models were very basic and didn’t come with the additional attachments or the shiny chrome appearance. When Scott Fetzer […]

chilling video from peta shows how ostrich leather is made “J’ai d’abord rv de devenir pro. Quand ce rve devient ralit, vous voulez jouer en Europe”, a dclar Luan en aot. “Mais je veux seulement tre ici Grmio, avec un autre rve raliser, recevoir un appel pour l’quipe nationale. There was a way out, […]

Oddly enough some medieval romancers, despite being the reason Damsel in Distress is called that (“damsel” being the diminutive of medieval French for “lady”), actually sometimes didn’t like this trope. Basically some of them thought that, since the girl now owed the guy, the resulting romance wasn’t pure enough, aesthetically speaking. The various aristocrats […]

The film includes multiple historical grace notes. The outlandish introduction of Michael X’s character showing him leading a landlord locked in a slave collar is not dramatic licence but is based on a similar historical incident.[14] An unremarked passing glance at a photo of John Lennon found in Michael X’s safety deposit box is inspired […]