should you drink celery juice

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sausage buns (recipe with two options)
recipe 400 g high quality flour / flour 1,5 c / c sugar 1 cc salt
4 g granola yeast
250 ml warm milk
60 g soft butter
+ 500… 600 g sosis
+1 egg egg + + szam
*** *************************************
Sausages in the test (10-14 pieces)
Dough :
Wheat flour – 400 Sugar – 1,5 Salt – 1 Yeast (dry) – 4 Milk – 250 Butter – 60 + 500… 600 +1 egg for lubrication
+ Sesame

1) I was grateful 1) 2 cups of yeast + 1/2 s / s sugar + warm milk mix and rest 10 3) Foiled yeast + remaining sugar + salt, slowly To put the dough in the dough, add the flour, put the dough and put it in the warm place 30 5) follow the video recipe 6) Sausages wrapped in dough, let it be 20 minutes, then carefully put the eggs A and Dairy ================================================================= )
400g p / flour masala or high quality p / flour 1 1 mg salt 4 ml granola yeast
250 ml warm milk
40g sunflower oil without aroma
+ 500… Hermes Replica

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