#Halta to the fratricidal confrontation https://www.valentinoreplicabags.com between Tuaregs in the region of
“We must learn to live together as brothers, otherwise we will die together like idiots” Martin Lutter
In many corners of the world, the brothers love each other, protect and value each other because, what unites them is more important than what makes them so. In many corners of the world, brothers fight day and night to build a harmonious, peaceful and respectful living environment Diversity in all its parts
In many corners of the world, the brothers love and protect each other…

The brothers here

Dear brothers and sisters!
All the values of human conduct, all civilizations and all cultures of the World are unanimous on the fact that: “TO KILL” is
In the Muslim religion, “Killing” is the second greatest sin right after the
what has become commonplace and normal in the region

By presenting my condolences to the families
I invite the Tuareg Youth particularly the IDNANES, IMGHADES and IFOGHAS communities to stay as far as possible from this historical humiliation which betrays our legendary values ​​of peace and of
I invite human rights organizations to ensure a systematic monitoring of all serious violations and to seize the jurisdictions without delay
In the end, I invite all the passive spectators of this Drama to leave indifference and silence to help calm hearts and hearts “When light and love resign, human cruelty and stupidity gain ground”.

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