Avalon Bay Air Fryer XL with Rapid Air Circulation Technology, Extra Large 5.8 Quart Capacity, Temperature up to 400 Degrees, Oil-Less Healthy Air Fryer, Black, AB-AIRFRYER 500SS


Have you fear about fat and How many times have you shy away from fried food for fear of fat or alternatively, how many times have you enjoyed fried snacks, only to feel guilt-ridden afterwards for putting your health in danger but now we Granted, this may feel as an exaggeration, but the danger is real, as we are all aware of the influence greasy food has on our bodies. Well, with air fryers machine, there is a way to avoid the negative effects, all the while enjoying everything you love about fried dishes.

The Aiyfryer’s heart and soul is the Rapid Air Circulation Technology that allows air to circumspect rapidly and precisely so as to prepare your food in a healthy and tasty manner.

Moreover, there are safety elements in action to prevent unfortunate events, such as non-slip feet and a built-in timer that will turn the fryer off after half an hour of inactivity. The fryer features a detachable mesh metal basket, removable pan and rack for wide range of frying, baking and cooking options.

These appliances do exactly what it says on the tin they fry using the air and thereby dropping oil out of the equation below. Obviously, air fried food will taste differently to deep fried, but there are a lot more advantages to it than drawbacks.


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