Little Giant 599122 ACS-2 Float Switch with 18-Inch Lead, 1-Pack

Little Giant ACS-2 Auxiliary Condensate Drain Pan Overflow Shut-off Switch, 48 VAC/VDC, 18" Leads (599122)Auxiliary condensate switch installs in the condensate drain pan of an air conditioning or refrigeration unit, to turn off the unit if the drain pan approaches overflowLittle Giant ACS-2 Auxiliary Condensate Drain Pan Overflow Shut-off Switch, ...

Air Conditioning Secondary Condensate Float Switch - CS-3 Replacement

Flood Prevention Switches are simple to install, easy to service and extremely reliable. As water level in the auxiliary or main drain pipe rises due to a clogged air conditioning condensate drain, the switch shuts off the system-thus preventing water from overflowing and causing damage to doors, walls and ceilings. At the heart of the switch is a ...

All-Access Model AA2-FS A/C Float Switch for Secondary Outlet of Drain Pan

Instructions: Note: Remove float switch before gluing device in place. Note: Failure to follow instructions may cause injury or property damage. Disconnect power to unit prior to installation, servicing or cleaning. Close & latch cover after each use. Test switch operation & clean device at least every three (3) months. Place warning label (include...

Rectorseal 96106 AG 1200+ Switch, Tan

The aqua guard ag-1200+ offers all of the same industry leading features of the aqua guard 1100+ magnetic float switch Plus an innovatively designed two-piece clamp, which allows it to be mounted to either the side of a metal secondary drain PAN or the rolled edge of a plastic secondary drain PAN.

Float Pan for Concrete Power Trowel 36

Our Float Pan is made with the best raw materials to provide greater and better yield on concrete's work. The FP-36 is exclusive for 36" trowels and it provides over 30,000 square feet of perfect concrete.

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