English soup
Pandispagna a pandispagna recipe and on my personal blog finally sweetness of Antonella Ambrosio
500 gr of milk
4 egg yolks
75 gr of granulated sugar
A spoon of food starch
1 stick of vanilla
20 gr of sifted flour
150 gr of candied fruit
5 tablespoons of amaretto – 200 ml of cream for cooking – 30 grams of crunchy almonds
This is the filling

fire the milk with the vanilla stick
Whip the eggs with the sugar,, add a little milk at a time together with the sifted flour, and the alimentary starch
Incorporate all the milk and put on the heat to thicken
Allow to cool, and put it in the fridge with a film on the cream to avoid crusting. Cut the candied fruit into small pieces

Wet the pandispagna with the amaretto and divide it in half
In a medium lasagna 3.3 lt lay the sponge cake, the cream and the candied fruit in alternating layers. Roll it over and let it rest in the cold for about 3/4 hours
Scorpagere of crunchy and serve cold
If you want a quicker preparation, I recommend a good savoiardi doc
A fresh dessert and to savor with..

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