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canada goose outlet uk Gw2 is more exploration type of MMO, with it events and map completion systems. It also more focues on open world “Zerg” content, lacking in storytelling and questing department. ESO is less “open world social” game, with uk canada goose outlet more emphasis put on story driven questing, and exploration exist mainly to support this questing experience. It funny how in my canada goose coats on sale opinion Gw2 offered more singleplayer TES feeling experience than ESO did. canada goose outlet uk

canada goose shop uk Both games are fairy casual when it comes to dungeons and raids, but ESO offers veteran mode, which can be appealing to more tryhard players. Although it worth mentioning that playing serious ESO endgame is not possible without paidDLC/premium subscription. Both games have cash shop, with ESO being more cash grab and less customer friendly, but that debatable. Both games have similiar PvP modes, with buy canada goose jacket cheap big scale Warmode and smaller battlegrounds, but I not a PvP player, so I can really compare them both. canada goose shop uk

canada goose outlet miami The rest of the PoF maps is way better though, and that includes not being built around map wide Canada Goose Coats On Sale meta chains. The realm portals are still on par with Octovine in practice, people just ignore it because there no carrot on a cheap Canada Goose stick. canada goose outlet miami

canada goose outlet factory Enemies are hit and miss in both expansions, definitely better than core Tyria, but I feel the PoF ones are slightly Canada Goose Jackets less one trick gimmicks where either your build happens to hardcounter them or you have a bad time. Branded Griffons suck just as much ass as Smokescales though, pure time wasters. canada goose outlet factory

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canada goose outlet toronto factory I don agree. PoF maps are maybe “better” first time exploring, but there uk canada goose is literally no reason to canada goose clearance visit them ever again. HoT maps offered epic daily metaevents, with good rewards and canada goose uk outlet incentive to run them everyday. Canada Goose Outlet Unique map currency, with unique rewards, ensuring even if beachcottage you for example didn like Verdant Brink, you still have to visit it from time to time, to farm currency. I play daily AB, TD, DS Istan in my “open world rotation”, but I never visited any PoF map for a second time. Outside of RP and sight seeing there is no reason to go there. canada goose outlet toronto factory

canada goose outlet store montreal In Canada Goose Parka the end what do you get from those “rewards” besides RP and sightseeing? Upon release HoT was gating meta stats but that incentive is long gone since you can just buy all you need for magnetite. canada goose outlet store montreal

canada goose kensington parka uk I do prefer canada goose black friday sale the map specific currency layout but I don accept player perceived quality of “rewards” as part of the actual content. Technically you can also repeat hearts for a daily reward, if someone at Anet went canada goose coats crazy and added 1k gold to each of them canada goose factory sale people would farm them all like no tomorrow but Canada Goose sale that would not make the content itself any better or worse. canada goose kensington parka uk

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canada goose outlet store calgary In MMO game, having repetitive Canada Goose online and rewarding content is really important factor. It not about only best farming spot or getting biggest gold/hour factor. It about feeling that you get rewarded for playing. For example, to illustrate what I mean: Istan is currently best farming Canada Goose Online spot. It both fun and most effective way to farm. Yet people still run HoT buy canada goose jacket metas, vanilla WorldBosses and good Silverwastes. Why? Because it also FUN and only slightly less rewarding than Istan. In comparison PoF maps are not rewarding at all. In best case scenario we would have many farming locations with similar profit level, allowing players to simply choose what is the most fun for them. Maybe rotating from location to location, when they bored with one. Sadly in current state all PoF maps are overwhelming unrewarding for playing them. canada goose outlet store calgary

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canada goose outlet website legit Gw2 canada goose store community, yet again whining at ArenaNet, when they have canada goose clearance sale still THE MOST consumer friendly MMO developer on market RIGHT NOW. Everything is obtainable in game by simply farming, through gold >gems conversion. Please cheap canada goose uk stop whining and respect ArenaNet for giving us this opportunity and at least trying to play fair. canada goose outlet website legit

official canada goose outlet ESO sells 150$ houses and canada goose RNG1900$mounts, recently removes entire weapons/armor canadian goose jacket set from new expac to make it RNG lootbox, saying canada goose uk shop they do it for fans, so they have better rewards from lootboxes. Yet community is content, canada goose uk black friday they Cheap canada goose outlet understand necessaries for MMO to have cashshop, and they spent their money willingly to support their game official canada goose outlet.