Steamed prawns in celery salad and beans
ingredients for 4 people
250 g dried cannellini beans
500 g Replica Hermes Birkin of gray prawns
100 of celery sticks
30 g of olive oil < br> 1/2 onion
1/2 measure of white wine
1/2 measure of cognac
salt flakes
white pepper
1) rinse 250 g of beans dried cannellini and let’s soak for a night in plenty of cold water 2) drain the beans and put them in the jug with 700 g of water let cook 25 min 100 ° anti-clockwise soft vel 3) in the meantime we clean 500 g of shrimp we remove the heads and carapaces that we will keep aside the gut we have the prawns in the bell of varoma
4) we mount the varoma and continue to cook 10 min 100 ° anticlockwise soft vel halfway through the shrimp and keep aside let’s drain the beans and put them in a tray to make them cool. 5) in the meantime, put in the 1/2 onion jug and chop 5 sec l 5 we collect on the bottom and add 30 g of extra virgin olive oil rosoliamo 5 min temp vel soft
6) add the carapaci and the heads of the shrimp kept aside and brown 2 min temp varoma vel soft
7) pour from the lid hole 1/2 measure of white wine and blend 2 min temp vel soft velvet without measuring spoon 8) pour 1/2 measure cognac and blend 2 min temp vel soft varoma without measuring spoon 9) pour 2 measure of water and let shrink 7 min temp varoma vel soft without measuring filter with a fine strainer and let cool 10) in the meantime we wash 100 g of celery stalks and with a peeler we remove the filaments cut into slices or cubes > 11) add the beans and prawns, celery and season with salt flakes, olive oil, white pepper and carapace sauce, kept aside. 12) let’s season a few hours in the fridge and then serve.

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