He retired from politics on January 19, 2017, saying his health had been deteriorating.In a statement, Sinn Fein described him as a man of “great determination, dignity and humility.””He was a passionate republican who worked tirelessly for peace and reconciliation and for the re unification of his country. But above all he loved his family and the people of Derry and he was immensely proud of both,” Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams said in a statement.McGuinness and Adams were hugely influential the Northern Ireland peace process.Many high profile politicians in the UK and Ireland were also quick to offer their condolences. Irish President Michael Higgins said in a statement that McGuinness’s passing left a gap that would be “difficult to fill.””The world of politics and the people across this island will miss the leadership he gave, shown most clearly during the difficult times of the peace process, and his commitment to the values of genuine democracy that he demonstrated,” he said.Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who was in Downing Street at the time of the Good Friday Agreement was Hermes Replica signed in 1998, said peace in Northern Ireland would not have been possible without McGuinness.”Once he became the peace maker, he became it wholeheartedly,” Blair said in a statement.Blair added: “I will remember him therefore with immense gratitude for the part he played in the peace process and with genuine affection for the man I came to know and admire for his contribution to peace.”British Prime Minister Theresa May said McGuinness made an “essential and historic contribution to the extraordinary journey of Northern Ireland from conflict to peace.”Kyle Paisley, son of former Northern Ireland First Minister Ian Paisley, who McGuinness served alongside as Deputy First Minister, said on Twitter that McGuinness had shown care towards his father when he was suffering ill health.”Look back with pleasure on the remarkable year he and my father spent in office together and the great good they did,” he wrote.

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