You can bring food (and coolers) and factory sealed bottles of water. And, there food trucks (which is what we opted for). The food truck selection was great several options for dinner and a couple of dessert trucks. Fulfilling these, the player seeks to complete the third prophecy, a test to find the Moon and Star (also called One Clan Under Moon And Star), the symbolic ring originally worn by Nerevar, which has the power to instantly kill anyone, apart from himself (and by extension, the Nerevarine), who tries to wear it. Upon finding and equipping the ring, the player receives a vision from Azura, the ancient Daedric Prince of the Dawn and Dusk, who confirms that the player is Nerevar’s incarnate. The Nerevarine completes the fourth and fifth trials, which are to rally the Great Houses of the Dunmer and Ashlanders of Vvardenfell under one banner.

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