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Replica Designer Handbags Christopher Columbus touched the continent of South America in his 1498 third voyage. In his own 1499 letter to the Catholic Monarchs of Spain, reporting the results of his third voyage, Columbus relates how the massive waters of the Orinoco delta rushing into the Gulf of Paria implied that a previously unknown continent must lie behind it.[15] However, bowing to the classical tripartite division of the world, Columbus discards that hypothesis and proposes instead that the South American landmass is not a “fourth” continent, but rather the terrestrial paradise of Biblical tradition, not a previously unknown “new” part of the world, but a land already “known” (but location undiscovered) by Christendom.[16] In another letter (to the nurse of Prince John, written 1500), Columbus refers to having reached a “new heavens and world” (“nuevo cielo e mundo”)[17] and that he had placed “another world” (“otro mundo”) under the dominion of the Kings of Spain.[18]The Vespucci passage above applied the “New World” label to merely the continental landmass of South America.[19] At the time, most of the continent of North America was not yet discovered, and Vespucci’s comments did not eliminate the possibility that the islands of the Antilles discovered earlier by Christopher Columbus might still be the eastern edges of Asia, as Columbus continued to insist down to his dying day.[20] A critical step in the transition was the conference of navigators (Junta de Navegantes) assembled by the Spanish monarchs at Toro in 1505, and continued at Burgos in 1508, to digest all existing information about the Indies, come to an agreement on what had really been discovered, and set out the future goals of Spanish exploration. Amerigo Vespucci attended both conferences, and seems to have had an outsized influence on them Vespucci ended up being appointed the first piloto mayor, the chief of navigation of Spain, at Burgos.[21] Although the proceedings of the Toro Burgos conferences are missing, it is almost certain that Vespucci articulated his recent “New World” thesis to his fellow navigators there Replica Designer Handbags.