Star Wars TIE Fighter Gas Grill for Camping

If you’re camping, tailgating or outdoor party a portable grill is a demand for sure why put yourself through that when there’s a tool that’s actually made for the right job but gas has an undeniable edge when it comes to portability.

Barbeques come in all shapes and sizes, some less practical than others. But if you want to impress at your next sci-fi themed soiree, this TIE fighter-shaped unit would certainly fit the bill… if you could by it in Australia (well, easily anyway). Still, that doesn’t stop us admiring its awesomeness.

It also comes with this amazing temperature gauge (with measurements in both metric and freedom units)

Sadly, neither retailer will ship this beauty to Australia, which means you’ll have to go through a forwarding service (or wait for Amazon’s local entry into the market). Alternatively, you could glue some panels to your existing barbeque, though we can’t be blamed for any heat-related accidents that may happen as a result.

Preview Item in video from YouTube

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