This game provides examples of: All Your Base Are Belong to Us: One of the missions involves a desperate defense of the Solar System against the might of the Mantis armada. Apocalypse How: Class 6 for Earth if you will not be able to defend the Solar System. The Asteroid Thicket: They reduce the movement speed of your ships when flying through them. Bag of Spilling: You know all those upgrades you spend a ton of resources on? They’re gone by the next mission. The Brigadier: The Terran admirals. Except Smirnoff, who betrays the Terran Federation to the Mantis. The Cavalry: At the end of Mission 8 you are suddenly attacked by large Mantis force and Ker’Tak suggests immediate withdrawal with what admiral Benson agrees. Then, capitan Blackwell (who should be dead after being om nomed by black hole) comes literally out of nowhere with Celereon reinforcements and turning the tide of battle. It turns out that he was saved by Celereons. Cool Ship: The Celereon Monolith class ships look like giant stingrays which rake enemies with two bright blue beams. Chewing the Scenery: Whilst by no means a large ham, Admiral Halsey has a scene chewing moment during one of the briefings where he declares that he wants, “every weapon, every outpost, every stinking insect carrier, from here to Hell reduced to molten SPACEBORNE SLAG!” Justified since he did just witnessed, the Mantis attack on Solar System and their attempt to destroy the Earth with the help of Smirnof, Terran turncoat and formerly one of his own commanders. Civil Warcraft: Early in the campaign the Mantis queen’s sister, Ker’Tak is leading a rebellion. Later, the rebels side with the Terrans. The first mission where you fight alongside the Celereons is also the mission where you fight against them. Cluster F Bomb: Blackwell to Smirnoff when he shows up with the Mantis during the invasion of Earth. The fact that all the swear words are bleeped out makes Blackwell’s rant arguably all the more amusing. Blackwell: Smirnoff, you Bleeping little Bleeper. I am gonna put my foot so far in your Bleep you’ll will be able to taste the Bleep on my boot.

Celine Cheap Dog Walks You: Zak and Wheezie go through this with their pet “boinger,” Slurpy, in “Wheezie’s Hairball.” The thing is basically a big puppy bundle of energy that they haven’t quite learned how to control yet. Dragon Rider: Emmy and Max get to ride on the dragons at least Once an Episode. Zak and Wheezie usually don’t have anybody to ride them, at least until Enrique comes around. Played for laughs when he is introduced he thinks that he’s about to ride Zak and Wheezie like a horse, not realizing they’re about to get airborne. Celine Cheap

Celine Bags Replica Khorne and Slaanesh’s minions have this relationship. Slaanesh is the god(dess) of hedonism, whose worship involves excess and the use of senses (including art in all its forms), so the Slaaneshi see Khornates as brutal morons. Khorne is the embodiment of rage, who demands constant bloodshed both from his enemies and his troops, so Khornates Celine Replica see the Slaaneshi as limp wristed and effeminate. They live in a shining, magical civilization with schools of magic, libraries, and are fond of poems. However, they are constantly under threat from the Dark Elves, the Sparta of the Warhammer world. In Dark Elf Society, everyone is expected to become a bloodthirsty warrior, or die. Any non Dark Elf is a slave. Celine Bags Replica

replica celine handbags Jar Jar is. a genius?Jar Jar: Dis meaning war, wesa needs to have a stronger leader! Mesa suggests Chancellor Palpatine gets emergency powers!Especially in the case of Palpatine, when he saves Obi Wan Kenobi. They turn the whole reasoning behind the eventual start of the Jedi/Empire conflict upside down; instead of Palpatine slowly corrupting Anakin until he’s prepared to attack Windu in Palpatine’s defense, it’s Anakin playing both sides, eventually convincing Windu that Palpatine is a sleeper agent before showing up when they fight and attacking Windu, ostensibly to defend Palpatine against his unjustified attack replica celine handbags.