Goku is the de facto leader of the protagonists in Dragon Ball Z, not because he is the smartest (in fact he is one of the least intelligent outside of fighting; the title is probably taken by Piccolo), or because he is a great tactician (Vegeta probably takes that one); no, it’s simply because he is the strongest of the group by a huge margin. That and he always seems to know what needs to be done in any given situation like using the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, restoring the Dragon Balls when Piccolo and Kami fused, and teaching the Fusion Dance.

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Ysl replica bags In “Fairest Of Them All”, Mirror Kirk addresses the helm officer as “Jones” and she says “It’s Smith, sir.” Her expression suggests he does this a lot. This goes back to “Where No Man Has Gone Before” where our Kirk made this error with Yeoman Barbara Smith. A precursor to Janice Rand, she was played by Andrea Dromm. It’s pretty clear that the helm officer, played by Kipleigh Brown, is meant to be the same character in the mirror universe Ysl replica bags.